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Red Dragon Qigong/ Yoga

  • The Inner Practice 81 Indianwood Rd Lake Orion, Michigan (map)

Learn the Red Dragon Yoga/ Qigong Form that is an ancient Daoist energy cultivation method that opens up and strecthes the spine and meridians. This form has a standing moving meditation and seated meditation component.

The practice was said to be the foundation of Bak Mei’s Internal Energy System before learning the 8 Methods of Divine Force Teen Gong Ba Faht which is said to be Bak Mei’s Cotton Body and secret to his internal health. The Hung Lung Hei Gung Red Dragon signifies the internal heat or Yang Qi that is cultivated through the standing meditation sets that stretch and open up the energy or meridians inside the human body.

Red Dragon moves in a sequential order opening up the spine energy and the 12 main meridians.

This rare internal practice has been kept within the Doo Family passed down from the disciple of Bak Mei White Eyebrow Daoist Hung Mo, which in English means Red Hair.

This form was passed down from Grandmaster Doo to my Sifu, Garry Hearfield who has authorized me to teach this rare form. Cost is $60

Contact Travis Summerville to sign up at 248-891-0388.

Earlier Event: October 6
Red Dragon Yoga