Yin & Yang


It was noon and the perfect time for Tibetan Burning Palm Qigong which is done best at mid-day. The form is yang in nature as I am drawing in the the yang noon solar energy.

Despite the form’s yang nature, the moment was yin for me. I had completed a round of heavy bag and strike bag work, claw work and weight training. This moment was peaceful out in the Michigan Autumn cool air, the sunlight bright but also cool. My feet were grounding into the cool flagstone and I could smell grass, damp stone and rotting leaves in the woods.

Yin and Yang, never absolute. Always changing and their quality is always in relation to something else. Qigong, despite its various forms still follows the principles of Nature. The Daoists alwasy sought to be in tune with nature and today, especially during this meditation I was. My feet rooted into the cool stone, my breath mixed with the gentle breeze, my eyes rested on the dance of light and shadow upon the leaves of the slowly dancing trees in the dappled sunlight. The sky above, a canopy of clear blue.

My form and movements flowed with what my senses took in around me. The trees, the grasses, the stone, the wind and I all were dancing the same dance.

Breathe. Commune. Flow