Favorite Qigong Forms

The one thing I like about Qigong is that are so many styles and forms. Each has its own history, benefits and applications. Some forms are more physical or technical, others more mentally engaging. They have for lack of a better description, their own 'flavors'. What I like best is how the form "feels". I enjoy the feelings of getting into the 'zone' where everything just flows. You get in that state of 'oneness' . That 'blending or disappearing with the surroundings'. I also like the feel of qi flowing through the body, the warmth in my hands, Dan Tian, or kidneys. I enjoy the tingling that travels in my spine or neck or that tingling pressure in my forehead at the Upper Dan Tian. After qigong I enjoy a greater calmness and mental clarity as well as a feeling centeredness and strength. I have listed below my favorite qigong forms and how I generally feel with them.

#1. Radiant Tiger Form

I love the warmth the develops in my hands, palms, arms and kidneys. Its like I have cinnamon poured in them.

#2 Tibetan Burning Palm Form

I get a warmth in the palms, hands, forearms and shoulders. This also can travel into my torso depending on the method. My fists feel like they could punch through a wall and my forearms feel like unbreakable steel

#3 Tibetan Burning Palm Health Exercises

Just love the feeling of warmth and limberness after. It really works out the kinks

#4 Microcosmic Orbit

Enjoy the vibration and tingling up and down the Du and Ren meridians. You know your getting the circulation on this one. 

#5 Shamanic Tiger Form

I get a general sense of well-being and calmness. Its like my body just absorbed a health tonic


  Feel free to send me your comments on your favorite forms and how you feel with them. I would love to hear from other practitioners out there.

To your vibrant health,