One hundred and eight days

In 2015 I started learning the Tibetan Burning Palm System. The system requires a 108 day 'gong' for learning the techniques. A 'gong' is a set number of consecutive days one must train to embed the technique into the mind and body. Most systems typically use 100 days. The Tibetan Burning Palm System uses 108 days. If you miss a day, you have to start back to day 1 and repeat, so it is very important to stick with it. No matter what! 

On August 23rd 2015 I started it and continued 111 days straight , finishing on December 20th 2015. Some days I was pressed for time but got the time in to do it. Some days I was tired and didn't feel like it - did it anyway. That is how a Gong is done. Sometimes you dig in and get it done. It is always worth it in the end. Like most qigong forms, after doing it for many days straight, deeper experiences and a better sense of qi flow and sensitivity occurs that would not otherwise reveal itself in inconsistent practice.

One to three times a year I pick up a new technique or form and after learning it, delve into a 100 day (or in the case of Tibetan Burning Palm 108 day) gong to embed the knowledge into me. All this while finding time to keep up on the other forms to maintain a sense of proficiency.

As 2016 starts up I will be investing more time into the Burning Palm System with its kung fu strikes, qigong and health exercises, and body conditioning. I look forward to more 108 day gongs to optimize their benefits.