Healing & Self Healing Methods

Qi Gong for healing is performed two ways. First, the Qi Gong healer or Qi Gong therapist can perform what is known as external Qi emission. This is where the Qi Gong healer directs Qi from (or through him/or herself) into the patient. As Qi flows from higher potential to lower potential, Qi will flow from the healer into the patient. One could think of this much like charging a car battery. 

The second way is to teach the patient or client proper medical Qi Gong techniques for self-healing. These are postures, movements, and breathing with proper instruction on mind intent to help facilitate their own healing. It is "homework" as it were.

Together, the above two methods can help a patient or client recover faster from an illness or injury.


By practicing Qi Gong methods we can improve our overall health and vitality. Qi Gong can help generate calmness and serenity, facilitating the "relaxation response" which is well documented in mind-body research. It can  balance hormones, lower blood pressure, improve flexibility and joint range of motion, improve balance and posture. 




Qi Gong has been used for centuries to improve martial art and physical conditioning. There is "Hard Qi Gong" which focuses on driving the Qi to the surface and extremities to facilitate powerful strikes as well as armor the body to receive hard blows with little to no damage. Other Qi Gong styles employ movements, postures and breathing to help strengthen bones, muscles, tendons, build internal power and physical resilience.